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Civil and Commercial Mediation

Navigate the path to resolution with our mediation service at ResolveIt ADR Services, Inc., where your conflicts are met with our extensive professional experience and a genuine commitment to crafting mutually beneficial solutions. We leverage a wealth of knowledge, drawing upon proven strategies to facilitate open dialogue, foster understanding, and guide parties towards conciliation, ensuring every voice is heard and valued in the pursuit of sustainable, harmonious outcomes. 

Areas of Practice:


Civil (Family and General)

Breach of Contract


Small Business


General Commercial


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Crisis Management

In the dynamic landscape of today's world, crisis management has woven itself into the daily management and operations of organizations and family businesses alike. Unanticipated events, controversies, or budding issues can cast shadows on the reputation, operations, and profitability of any entity. At ResolveIt ADR, we are steadfast in aiding our clients to preemptively manage and adeptly resolve disputes in manners that are both efficient and economical. LaJuanda collaborates intimately with clients to pinpoint potential challenges, crafting strategies to diminish risks, while offering steadfast guidance and support throughout the dispute resolution journey.


The Mediation process:

LaJuanda’s mediation services commence well before the mediation day and extend beyond the concluding session.

In the preparatory phase before the mediation, LaJuanda dedicates substantial time to establish a robust foundation for the day of mediation. By concentrating on submissions from counsel and engaging in telephone discussions with each party, she ensures a thorough understanding of the case nature, substantive issues, parties' objectives, and any pertinent history among the involved parties.

During the mediation, LaJuanda ensures that communication channels remain open and, utilizing shuttled diplomacy, works alongside the parties to facilitate progress, problem-solving, solution exploration, and demarcating the bounds of a negotiated resolution.

In the post-mediation stage, she persists in working with the parties until any verbal agreement is formalized in writing and remains available to address any subsequent disagreements that may arise. Should the parties not reach a negotiated resolution, LaJuanda continues to assist as requested, finding opportunities to re-engage.

Throughout the entire process, if she assesses that a settlement is unattainable at any stage, she will promptly inform the parties, aiding them in saving unnecessary time and legal expenses while preventing the potential ripple effects that an unsuccessful mediation can have on the parties’ ongoing relationship and future negotiations.

Tailoring to the nature of the dispute, LaJuanda offers both half and full-day mediation sessions. During your consultation call, she will ascertain which type of mediation is apt for your case.

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“Currently offering mediations both in-person and virtually.”


Have Questions or Need Assistance?

LaJuanda Williams-Griffin is here to help. As a solo practitioner, she's dedicated to addressing your concerns and providing the support you require. Your inquiries are important, and she's ready to assist you in resolving your disputes, mitigating risks, or addressing any other related matters.

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